I'm Shea. I'm lost in a world of disgraceful loveliness.
I have alot of issues with the way I live, but I have yet to change. I'm highly contradictory.

17 years old, Scorpio. Born and raised in Queens, NY.
Not very wealthy, average working class family background. However i've never felt it to be fair that despite my parents' huge amount of intelligence they never gained recognition, but life can be unfair.
The generation was not skipped when they made me; I too have great intelligence. The only difference being I have and will continue to take advantage of my mind and I plan to become succesful.

My musical love goes beyond words. I have a strong appreciation for lyrical content, this is perhaps why I listen to the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Common and of course, Hov.
(Hov = the greatest.)

I guess you'll soon realise more about me if you stick around..


Austine said...

hi shea...what a great profile of yours.
For one second i was thinking we had the same thoughts about life.
I second your oppinion about being arounf people with the same mind frame and sense of understanding.

With the kind of mindset you have right now..i tell you the sky is not just your limit but your steping stone.

I've also got a blogsite you might want to check up its:
Guess what I'm also Scorpio...yea burn on November.

Anyway I love your spirit keep those dreams alive.

NoTiQ said...

pleased to meet you!

Kelis. said...

nice blog.
im kelis btw =]