I'm Back.. Finally

Ok, before I tell you all about my life-altering trip, I just have to apologize for not being able to get online while being away and so the updates will have to be all at once!
I probably could've got online and updated you on my adventures, but to be honest.. I just didn't want to. I took myself completely out of my own reality and immersed myself into the various different Asian cultures I discovered.

So, if you're ready.. I'll tell all!

First; Tokyo, Japan (Feb 27th - Mar 3rd)
As soon as we arrived we checked in and went straight to sleep! The flight was so long. You have no idea.
Next day we decided to explore and my first photo was this;

this made me happy. Her outfit just made me feel like I was really in Japan. It was a great feeling.

To be honest, we didn't do a great deal more. just a lot of general touristic things. I took an unbelievable amount of pictures and so did my brother! but heres a few to give you the basic idea of the trip :)

Mongolia (Mar 4th - Mar 8th)
Mongolia was beautiful. Extremely beautiful actually.
I didn't take as many pictures while I was there. it all was very tranquil and we both almost forgot to capture things which is a little annoying. The culture is beautiful, theres a lot of poverty but everyone seemed very content and there are camels almost everywhere, which was rather entertaining as they do the strangest of things, lol. My favourite place (see pictures below) was the peace bridge; it had an old, rugged feel but there was something very sacred about it, despite its lack of obvious beauty the local people still went to see it. so yeah, it was a very calming place to visit;

Cambodia (Mar 9th - Mar 14th)
Cambodia was amazing. It was very untouched, even the city felt extremely uncolonised. it was lovely. oh and you'll be happy to know that me and my brother took it in turns to take photos of each country/city, in order to save battery (low budget trip? hell yeah, lol) so this pictures, thanks to his dslr, are just beautiful.
In cambodia we really didn't know of many tourist places to visit and so we ended up just getting in taxis and exploring a bit, jumping off of recomendations from the locals, and generally exploring the unknown, which was a lot of fun. I ate a lot of very weird things! lol. and honestly, i think cambodia has the most beautiful people in the world. so.. i'll stop typing and let you see for yourself;
The cambodian border - I thought this was beautiful, a lot of pride. gave a good feel to the country :)

we watched this little girl play with this puppy for ages, and finally she got it to sleep so she could take it home. she let us take her picture too :)

no matter where we went, we saw a lot of families working. a lot of them don't go to school. but they seemed very content and happy. and it whenever we passed they'd stop and wave, which was very welcoming indeed!

Thailand (Mar 15th - Mar 19th)
Ok, firstly.. Thai food is the best! I mean we think we have good thai restaurants but you have no idea! Their flavors are ridiculous! It was lovely.

I thought it was important to take a picture of some of the monks we saw. because we certainly saw them in more places than just Thailand. But I was nervous to ask. but they were very nice, and didn't mind. I think they look so lovely :)

The Buddha was HUGE. I loved it. we walked to the top and yeah.. it was very surreal.

Amritsar, India (Mar 20th - Mar 24th)
Amritsar its worth going to visit. I think you should all try at some point in life to go. The Golden Temple is just breathtaking.. honestly. It's just beautiful. When we were there we just tried to ignore the fact that it was completely over run with tourists because I almost think that slightly took away the sacredness of it. but never the less it was beautiful. That was the highlight of Amritsar, and apart from that we didn't do a great deal. we went shopping at the local market which was fun! we tried so many different foods.. most of it I couldn't handle; so spicy! But yeah.. here are a few pictures :)

Nepal (Mar 25th - Mar 28th)
I'm so glad this was the last destination of my trip. I have so much to say about. I really wish i could've stayed longer.. three days was not enough but somehow we managed to do a hell of a lot!
Let me just take you through the pictures.. we took so many.. I'll just show a few! :)

Our porter at the riverside and son of the inn owner; Anish

Sweetest little girl, ever. Daughter of the inn owner. She held my hand while crossing the bridge.. lol :)

Our hotel "New Yak" I mean, if you say it with an accent it could be New York, a little reminder of home :) lol

Cute little monkey my brother spotted on th edge of the market. I actually didn't see it :( but they were everywhere! it felt very far away from home.

I did the Namaste (meaning hello) sign to this little girl and she did it so sweetly I had to make her do it again! and the smile is so cute lol, she was very shy! lmao, so lovely.

This little girl wanted the goat so badly she made us and her brothers chase and catch it for her. so in return I asked for a picture :)

In the taxi, enduring a huge traffic jam.

A waterbuffalo. there was also a lot of these around, used for various things.. mainly for farmers to carry things. apparently they're very gentle but I didn't get too close. lol.

the woman stood for ages watching my brother take pictures. I liked her smile, I think it says a lot about the way she's probably lived. and she was more than happy for us to take a photo :)

I love this picture. he rode past us and I just thought he looked so cool. and it was very surreal.. a lot of young people rode on horses like this.. not a lot of them get cars until they're about 25 - 30. Makes you think.. huh

This was a very nice monk who directed us to a the best restaurant i've ever been too. He let me take a picture too. and his english was excellent! he told us a lot about the culture and about the lifestyle of monks. :)

This last image really, for me, sums up my whole trip. It just screams culture difference and for me it was a very fulfilling thing to see. Hopefully you'll look at it and understand why;

So, thats it.
Can't believe it's all over.
The best thing i've done so far in life.

I hope you enjoyed the blog.
If ever get a chance to go to any of these places; please do.

Love always, shea


One week to go!

In exactly one week (Feb 27th) I shall be flying to the other side of the world, literally, in order to begin my huge Asian adventure!
I am undescribably excited. Japan first, wow.
It's really going to be incredible.

No more NY sounds, no more snow, no more english, no more school, no more routine. I'm definitely just going to throw myself into every part of their cultures possibly. They're all such beautiful places, or so I've heard, and all very different; I'm almost certain this trip is going to change me in some way, even if mild.

Hopefully I'll be able to get online a few times while i'm over there and update you all on what's been going on, what i've seen, what i've learnt, etc etc etc.
So keep an eye on my blog for that month!

Love you all, thanks for bothering to read my ramblings.



Firstly, thank you for the nice texts, comments, calls about my uncle. Seriously, it was much appreciated.
and now onto the topic of this post.
Since my uncle died I haven't really spoken to a lot of people. Instead I've been immersing myself into various cultural aspects of entertainment.

I've come to the conclusion that the best artists are in fact coming from the UK. My current artists of choice are all British.

James Morrison - His voice is so lovely, seriously. and he writes beautifully.
Adele - She's enlightening, and songs are actually of depth.
Coldplay - Okay, no explanation needed. You know they're my favourite and always probably will be.
The Kooks - I'm in love. They're so cute. Refreshing.
Duffy - Yeah, she's amazing.
Amy Winehouse - I will never get tired of her music.
Lily Allen - Her new album; brilliant.

Listen to them all.

And as for films, I've realised that I tend to lean more towards films that aren't liked by all. Films that not everybody knows about. Little gems, if you like.
So, take my advice and watch them all.

The Kite Runner.
Talk to her.

The secret life of bee's.
Henry poole is here
(Despite the reviews)
Revolutionary road

Vicky Christina Barcelona

Okay, I know the last two are very mainstream but seriously... if you haven't seen them, you should.

As for books.
Please read the following;

The Kite Runner.

A thousand splendid suns. (My favorite book of all time)
Kafka on the shore.

The long road.

Thank me later.
Love always, Shea



My uncle passed away.
and today was his funeral.

Truthfully, this blog is not addressed to anybody, instead it really and truly is a release; as my thoughts and emotions are at their highest and i've turned to my blog in order to let things out, in hopes of remaining sane; quite as a blog should be used. and so I apologize if my thoughts are not ordered, and are perhaps a little perplexing.

It's funny how quickly people come together, how fast things can be organized and how united people can be just because of one sad event.
I almost didn't like it. I didn't quite feel a part of the unity, and the unitedness of the grieving today. I felt quite alone, and confused. I felt like I was more upset than anybody else there. But of course, everybody felt like that, I suppose.

I can't work out why I didn't expect his death to arrive.
He was diagnosed with lung cancer. Lung cancer kills you.
Yet his death suprized me more than anything ever has, ever.

I'm going on my trip to Asia very soon. My christmas present, paid for by my mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, and my uncle.
I'm not sure if I want to go anymore.

I don't think it has sunk in that it actually was his funeral today.
It doesn't seem real, nor right.

Sorry for being unreachable for the past few days.
I'm sure you can understand.
I hope you and your families are well, and I hope that whenever, God forbid, the time comes that someone you love dies you don't feel as awful as I do.
It's a horrible feeling.




Funny, I thought I had life on track and I knew where I stood and everything about myself and my future was becoming clearer.
Only to then discover that, although blessed with great morals, outrageous intelligence, and a heap load of passion.. I am in fact, mentally, very fucked up.

Psychologically, I'm a little too "all there"
A good thing it may sound, but reality strikes and actually I have found that I understand my mental state all too well and in consequence, I find myself hard to deal with, annoying, stressful, over-sensitive, and a little too analytical.

My mind never stops.
I don't know how to relax.
Fucking great.

Realest post I've made.
Don't give a shit?
Cool; It was more for myself than it was for you.
and yet I shall end with,

a lie;

Love Always, Shea.


Updates (Asia)

This post doesn't have a great meaning behind it.
But I haven't posted in a while and whenever I do I feel a sense of release.
So, here goes..

My life right now is going pretty well.
For once it is not revolving around various other people. Just myself.
Also, I'm looking forward to, more than anything in the world, my trip to Asia.
For blog readers that also know me in person, these are the dates I'll be away, where I'll be.

I leave on feb. 27th
Japan (Feb 27th - Mar 3rd)
Mongolia (Mar 4th - Mar 8th)
Cambodia (Mar 9th - Mar 14th)
Thailand (Mar 15th - Mar 19th)
Amritsar, India (Mar 20th - Mar 24th)
Nepal (Mar 25th - Mar 28th)

I'll be back home on the 29th.
and while away, I'll probably be unreachable. Probably the odd email but generally unavailable.
This is by choice; I want to immerse myself in all the different cultures without distractions, and I hope to forget my americanized way of life for that time period.
I really think It'll be the greatest trip of my life.

Anyways, how are you?
honestly, I want to know.
Are you going away anywhere soon?

Let me know.

Love always, Shea


The City.

"I like it in the city when two worlds collide
You get the people and the government
Everybody taking different sides

Shows that we ain’t gonna stand shit
Shows that we are united
Shows that we ain’t gonna take it."

I've often wondered if it's true; that where you live does shape you into the person you are.
and although I don't think it's the only factor, I do think it's true.
I couldn't be more greatful for being raised in the city.
The diversity in culture cannot be found anywhere like it is here in NY, and because of it I have an open mind, a greater understanding of people and a predjudice-free way of life.

I feel anonymous.
Anonymous, but not in the "Oh God, nobody even notices me" kind of way.
I just like how I can wonder the streets of this city and see people I've never seen before, and for just a second watch them in their own little world amongst the hustle and bustle that is NY, and then it's over and anonymity prevails.

I'm hardly ever inside, if you know me then this wont be news to you, I've always been an out-doors type of girl. I think I feel most content with myself and my life when my phone is switched off, my iPod is blaring away in my ear and I'm either wondering around the streets of Queens, catching the bus to brooklyn, or maybe wondering around manhattan. Nobody can bother me, nobody can hear what I hear, I can be amidst all the action and yet my thoughts can run as wild and free as they like.

It's a wonderful feeling.
It keeps me sane.
Try it.

Love Always, Shea


Sanctity of..

The sanctity of marriage

Yesterday I watched my aunt get married. It was beautiful to say the least. Despite her flowing snow white dress, her perfect hair and the flawless ring placed on her finger to prove their love, if you like, there was something very sacred about it, almost uplifting.
I've always wondered whether I wanted to get married, but I actually really do. Most special day of my life? I certainly hope so.

Not an important post... Well, are they ever?
but I just thought I'd share my thoughts; my opinion has changed and I'm glad.

Hope to get married in the future?



So, 2009 is approaching faster than I realised.
I feel like this year has been a good one, I've accomplished lots of things. I've got out of that "Hood" mentality and I've matured.
I'm realising my potential and it's wonderful, I feel myself becoming somebody I would look up to if I was younger. Which is extremely fulfilling.

2009 is going to be my academic year, I can feel it.
I'm a smart woman. But you know how I am.. I'm more creative than "math" smart. But I don't doubt myself. I can put in the work and come top of the class, I'm not going to allow myself to fail.
It's not an option.

Also, towards the end of this year I've started cutting people out. That's sounds harsh. "This is Shea, right?... the one who loves all"

Yes, it's me. But I'm becoming serious about my future and I feel like people in my surroundings have the ability to limit my success because your friends characteristics do have a tendancy to become a part of you, whether you like it or not.
I've learnt that the way to stop negative aspects entering my personality, excluding the negatives I posess already, is to surround myself with people of similar mind frames. That means cutting immature, non-ambitious, ignorant people out of my life.
It feels refreshing.

I hope 2009 can be this good...
for you, and myself.

Love always, Shea.



You know me, I'm a hip hop head.
I don't usually post much R'n'B/Pop type music.

However, this womans voice is just outstandingly beautiful and her cover of "Run" is arguably better than the original by Snow Patrol;

So, enjoy..
Leona Lewis - Run.