Updates (Asia)

This post doesn't have a great meaning behind it.
But I haven't posted in a while and whenever I do I feel a sense of release.
So, here goes..

My life right now is going pretty well.
For once it is not revolving around various other people. Just myself.
Also, I'm looking forward to, more than anything in the world, my trip to Asia.
For blog readers that also know me in person, these are the dates I'll be away, where I'll be.

I leave on feb. 27th
Japan (Feb 27th - Mar 3rd)
Mongolia (Mar 4th - Mar 8th)
Cambodia (Mar 9th - Mar 14th)
Thailand (Mar 15th - Mar 19th)
Amritsar, India (Mar 20th - Mar 24th)
Nepal (Mar 25th - Mar 28th)

I'll be back home on the 29th.
and while away, I'll probably be unreachable. Probably the odd email but generally unavailable.
This is by choice; I want to immerse myself in all the different cultures without distractions, and I hope to forget my americanized way of life for that time period.
I really think It'll be the greatest trip of my life.

Anyways, how are you?
honestly, I want to know.
Are you going away anywhere soon?

Let me know.

Love always, Shea


KayJay said...

I hope you blog about each trip. That'll be worth the read, most definetly....

And yeah, you lookin' gorgeous in those pics!

**Star said...

You're Pretty!

Tashur Raquel said...

Nice pics!
& i want to start traveling too, hope you have fun.

rio tapatio said...

you're goin to asia??? oowhat??? With who girl??! Thats so dope!

The Lil Roo. said...

Amazing! I'm leaving for china on march 30th where I'll be for 6 months teaching english. Asia involves some really refreshing cultures. Japan is a beautiful country, where are you going to?

shea said...

Hello you!
Wow. That's awesome. Definitely a good life experience; I hope you have a wonderful time.

Yeah, I've never been anyway close to any of these places so I'm extremely excited!
and Japan, although cliche, I'm going to Tokyo. I mean, I know other areas of Japan are a lot more tranquil and picturesque but because the other countries I'm going to are like that I figured Tokyo would be great.


shea said...

Oh & to Rio;
I'm going with my Brother.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad a I came across your blog! You're absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait for more posts. Please take TONS of pictures from your trip, especially if you go to Tokyo. This is going to change your LIFE for the better. You'll come back even stronger than you are now. Savior every second. :)

JK said...

loves it! LA baby!

Kisa Zoea said...

Ah.Japan.Wanna live there for a couple years or so! You'll love it!