Firstly, thank you for the nice texts, comments, calls about my uncle. Seriously, it was much appreciated.
and now onto the topic of this post.
Since my uncle died I haven't really spoken to a lot of people. Instead I've been immersing myself into various cultural aspects of entertainment.

I've come to the conclusion that the best artists are in fact coming from the UK. My current artists of choice are all British.

James Morrison - His voice is so lovely, seriously. and he writes beautifully.
Adele - She's enlightening, and songs are actually of depth.
Coldplay - Okay, no explanation needed. You know they're my favourite and always probably will be.
The Kooks - I'm in love. They're so cute. Refreshing.
Duffy - Yeah, she's amazing.
Amy Winehouse - I will never get tired of her music.
Lily Allen - Her new album; brilliant.

Listen to them all.

And as for films, I've realised that I tend to lean more towards films that aren't liked by all. Films that not everybody knows about. Little gems, if you like.
So, take my advice and watch them all.

The Kite Runner.
Talk to her.

The secret life of bee's.
Henry poole is here
(Despite the reviews)
Revolutionary road

Vicky Christina Barcelona

Okay, I know the last two are very mainstream but seriously... if you haven't seen them, you should.

As for books.
Please read the following;

The Kite Runner.

A thousand splendid suns. (My favorite book of all time)
Kafka on the shore.

The long road.

Thank me later.
Love always, Shea