Funny, I thought I had life on track and I knew where I stood and everything about myself and my future was becoming clearer.
Only to then discover that, although blessed with great morals, outrageous intelligence, and a heap load of passion.. I am in fact, mentally, very fucked up.

Psychologically, I'm a little too "all there"
A good thing it may sound, but reality strikes and actually I have found that I understand my mental state all too well and in consequence, I find myself hard to deal with, annoying, stressful, over-sensitive, and a little too analytical.

My mind never stops.
I don't know how to relax.
Fucking great.

Realest post I've made.
Don't give a shit?
Cool; It was more for myself than it was for you.
and yet I shall end with,

a lie;

Love Always, Shea.


Lovely Z said...

This is such a concidence that I come across your blog & especially with this entry. After my life not being where I wanted it to be not even slightly, I finally broke out of that about 2 years ago. Now, I find myself slowly creeping into it. I feel like I don't know where I stand anymore & my future is becoming a bit blurry in some areas. Maybe I'm being analytical as well with the past couple weeks I've been having or maybe I'm being dramatic but either way I can relate.

Random!! You so don't even know who I am...and I know who you're but I thought I'll lreave a comment anyway! :)

shea said...

Thanks for that.
Nice to know I'm not the only one! lol.

But yeah, that is sort of how I feel. It's strange.
But thanks again.

and you know me but I don't know you? lol.. Where do you know me from?

Von J. Bond said...

Sheesh.. i feel you cuz im way off track my damn self, so your def not alone. i didnt expect to be where i am but i guess with the good comes the bad. im just waiting for the good to come back around. itll come back around shea. keep your head! as far as being hard to deal with, annoying and ect. just try to change a lil bit for the better and hopefully trying will become a habit. lata!

Kimberly Michelle said...

Love this post. Love the blog. That was actually a good point you made. Never really looked at it like that. It's always good to analyze what is usually said to be strengths.


I'll definately be back here.

Good stuff.

shea said...

Thanks for that "Von J. Bond"
& I will!

And Kimberly.. Thank you. Really Glad you like the blog; I liked yours a lot also.




First, Hello.
I'm Jay.

I understand this post all too well.
That's all.

Tashur Raquel said...

1st, i gotta say those boots are niceeeeeeee.

& as far as the post, I'm so opposite of that, I'm too carefree and nonchalant. Lol. I have no idea how you feel. =[

shea said...

oh, thank you!

and hmmm.. I think I'd like to be somewhere inbetween what you are and what I am.

Carefree would be nice.

MsFlyGirl said...

Well this is what you call life. You plan and really believe your life should be this particular way you work to achieve what you believed was what you should accomplish. One day you wake up and say what the hell am i doing and why am in this place.

LOL well this is what you call life.

where you are in this exact moment is where you are suppose to be. Every second is a lesson, enjoy

shea said...

Oh, I completely agree.

But life can be frustrating, whether a lesson or not.

Thanks for your comment.


NoTiQ said...

I can definitely understand feeling like that at times. Especially being too young to know the things I need to know to increase my potentential but being old enough to strike out on my own as an adult, finding your place can get overwhelming.

but like Lupe says, "My greatest enemy is my inner me"

and you're welcome Shea ;)

Janeen Mesmerize said...

Im soo with you on that.. =(.. im soo confused about life all of a sudden